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Approximately 80% of Houston workday commuters drive in alone – spending over 250 hours in stopped traffic per year – that's over 10 days of valuable time stuck in cars! Using your best alternative commuting option saves you money, time and stress – making you more productive and more relaxed at work as well as home. Plus by lowering the number of commuter vehicles on the road, we all help improve air quality in the Houston region. TREK Partner companies are at the forefront of helping their employees with their best options into work – whether that is carpooling, vanpooling, bus transit, cycling or walking.

Fort Bend Express

Coming in from Fort Bend County? The Fort Bend Express commuter routes provides Fort Bend residents a convenient and economical way of commuting into the Houston area.

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Pool Your Commute

Save at least half your monthly commuting expenses when you get another person to ride in a carpool. Save even more riding in a vanpool!

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Get Back with TREKHome

The #1 concern for would-be ride sharing commuters is being stuck at work. Our TREKHome program gets you back to your vehicle - fast!

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Trek is a 501(c)4 Transportation Management Organization (TMO) serving its member companies for over 20 years by aligning alternative commuter options to their employees' needs. We can help you improve employee productivity, stress and job satisfaction....