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TREK is a nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancing mobility in the Greenway Plaza and Uptown/Galleria areas. Our efforts reduce commuting costs, personal stress, traffic, accidents and air pollution.

VanPool with TREK

  At TREK, we can help you organize a carpool for as few as two people or as many as four. If you have five or more riders, TREK offers vanpool formation assistance.

Find out more about our Vanpool and Carpool Services.

Keep Your Employees Happy and Productive - Ease their Commute Concerns

Studies show that, behind salary, the second biggest concern a new hire has is the commute to a new job.  Over a third of current employees say that if there was a similar position closer to their home, they'd change jobs.

Houston traffic- cars, bikes, walking

How can TREK help you attract and retain employees when it comes to their commute time?


Reasons to Ride

Driving a private car is a typical citizen's most "polluting" daily activity - From the National Safety Council

How much is it costing you to drive in alone?


NEW METRO Bus Routes Start August 16, 2015!


METRO Transit will start their new city-wide bus routes this coming August - How will this affect you and your commute into work? Shopping? Elsewhere around Houston?

METRO's New Bus Network

Click on the icon above to plan your trip on the new network!



Fort Bend Express - Commute from the Southwest

Fort Bend County residents can use the Fort Bend Express commuter bus service to Greenway Plaza and Uptown/Galleria. The Greenway bus also stops at the West Bellfort P & R, allowing riders to use METRO service to downtown Houston.


Bus Schedules and Routes


We help you find the best way to get where you need to be.



No Bus Service Days
There will be no bus service of the Fort Bend Express or the Woodlands Express on Friday, July 3, 2015. Regular bus service will resume Monday, July 6.

For METRO holiday schedules, please check RideMetro.org.

Purchase Ticket Books Online

Ticket books may be purchased at Kroger's on Sweetwater Blvd at 59-S in Sugar Land and at the Greenway Plaza Transportation Center, concourse level of 4 Greenway.

Most TREK Partner companies also sell Fort Bend Express tickets. Check with your facilities or HR departments for more information; or call TREK at 713-965-1711 for your ticket representative.

Besides taking a big chunk of your budget, commuting into work alone takes a personal toll on your productivity at work and stress in your personal life.

Why have the hassle?

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