Carpool / Vanpool into Work

Slash Your Commuting Expense – Share a Ride into Work

Whether you ride in with one other person or ten more, it makes good financial sense to share the expense of commuting into your job – plus your community benefits from cleaner air and lower traffic congestion

The average cost per mile to commute, even though lower than in the past, still is approximately $325/month for the average sized sedan driving with a round-trip of 25 miles.  Live in Katy and work in Greenway Plaza?  That jumps to over $600.00 a month for a small car!

What can you do with an extra $100 to $500 a month?

Find out just how much it’s costing you to drive in alone HERE

Carpools/Vanpools – Easy As 1-2-3

Vanpools have from 5 to 12 passengers with different sized vans

Vanpools have from 5 to 12 passengers with different sized vans.


We’ll have a METRO STAR rep give you details on your particular route, costs and responsibilities.  One of the vanpool participants drives the van, and all participants share the monthly vanpool lease and gas. STAR is responsible for insurance and maintenance for the van. They also offer 24/7 roadside assistance.
BONUS:  You may have auto insurance that discounts you riding in a vanpool since they are a safer way into work.