Helping Houston Commuters since 1995

TREK – Trip Reduction Efficiency Council


Formed in 1995, TREK is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancing mobility in the Greenway Plaza and Uptown/Galleria and Yorktown business areas of Houston, Texas.

Through our efforts, we:

  • Improve air quality – reducing toxic and volatile automobile emissions 
  • Lower commuting costs – people usually save more than half their usual one-rider vehicle costs
  • Reduce traffic congestion – the fewer single occupant vehicles heading into work, the faster existing freeways and other roadways will go
  • Lower personal stress – by letting someone else deal with the traffic, people are less stressed, more productive at work and at home
  • Lower risk for accidents – because they are safer, many car / vanpool riders can save on their auto insurance premiums

Fall 2018:  Houston against other US cities for commute time / stress.  See Robert Half’s study here.  (Hint:  We aren’t first place; but we stress over our commuter more than many)

How can TREK help your employees increase their job satisfaction and productivity?
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